About Author & Illustrator Maci Welch

a headshot-style photo of author and illustrator Maci Welch. Maci's long brown hair is parted on the right and is swept to the left side. She wears a floral top with a navy blue background and pink flowers, and a delicate gold necklace with small gems hanging from the chain. She smiles at the camera.
Maci Welch is an author, illustrator, and lover of all things creative. She has dreamed of writing and illustrating children’s books since grade school.

Her most recent work, The Grumble Bear, is a children’s picture book inspired by silly conversations with her girls, and the ever persistent request for one more “night, night story.” Her other written works include Maggie Morris, her debut novel inspired by her childhood friendships and experiences.

She resides in Wyoming with her husband, two daughters, and black Lab, Archer Boy.